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Winter Range 2018-19 OUT NOW

Ta-daaaa! Cue fireworks, trumpeters and a huge velvet curtain going up, getting hit by the fireworks and collapsing in a blazing heap on the poor brass band – we’d all need a drink after that now, wouldn’t we?

So here it is, just in time: The LVG Winter 2018/2019 Range – our crackerjack compilation of wines, beers, spirits and, for the first time ever – soft drinks(!) all rolling into your favourite booze emporium as we speak…

Team selection: Funnily enough, one of our favourite parts of the last 6 months has been heading off in search of the best drinks that money can buy – that’s everything from big names to boutique producers and bang-for-buck quaffers. It isn’t just wine these days either; we’ve been in breweries, distilleries and lemonaderies (or whatever you call them) to make sure that the drinks that you buy from Le Verre Gourmand are the best, most well thought out, ahead-of-the-curve blend that you can possibly ask for.

Soft drinks? Yep – starting with tonics, led by our awesome Gin range (released in 2017) and closely followed by lemonades that taste of lemons (not just sugar), or even mint and hops – we’re breaking new ground. Over 25% of younger drinkers don’t drink – erm, well they do, but they don’t drink. We’re seeing it more and more through our crystal ball that is Thirsty (our indie bar/bottle shop/pop-up bonanza in the UK) and are not going to disappoint their continental cousins.


But I liked the old stuff… Fear not! Wholesaler we may be, but that does not have to mean wholesale changes. Every last bottle on our shelves has to justify its place and many of them do, year-on-year, beating back the competition that we routinely throw   at them over the course of our giddy research. If it’s still there, it’s because it’s still the best, andmany of them are.

So, what can I expect from the new stuff? Well, we took your lead – pressing you to tell us what you wanted to see and then heading out in search of it. The beer selection gives both a greater focus on the most popular styles as well as access to a bigger range and special brews from top-notch brasseurs. The wines see a more international twist in the origins and styles of the new options, as well as some like-for-like changes where the balance was tipped in favour of the challenger. Across the board, the focus remains on quality of product and consistency of supply and it’s looking bigger and better than ever.



I’m Thirsty. Good. Contact us and we’ll be there in a jiffy. Our team of booze-peddlers never stop their trans-Alpine wanderings. Drop us an email, give us a call or pop by the office to book in your tasting or grab a few samples. We promise not to bamboozle you with pretentious booze-speak. Far from it. Our goal is to listen, figure out what you need and then – PRESTO! – whip it out before the curtain comes down – again.



We love hearing from you! Get in touch on our social channels or email with questions/comments/general chitchat. Visit our website or call the office on 0450585981



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