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VINISUD – the best of the Med

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the Mediterranean? Sunshine and sparkly blue seas? Bikinis and beaches? Palm trees and parasols? Not for the great boozy brains here at LVG – hell no. Call us one dimensional if you want but when it comes to the Med, we’ve only got one thing on our minds – WINE.

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A few weeks ago we boarded our luxury private jet (commonly known as Easyjet) and made our way to the South of France for one of our favourite events of the year – VINISUD. The world’s leading Mediterranean Wine Trade Fair, VINISUD is THE showcase for Med wines. The region itself accounts for more than 50% of the world’s output so if you haven’t got it on your wine bucket list, then shame on you – sort it.

With 1,750 producers in attendance from some of best French and international wine producing regions, VINISUD is right up there on the LVG’s list of must-visit events each year and so it was that we made our way south with a mix of serious and not-so-serious vino business on our minds.

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In addition to the LVG team of Sam, Roch, Adam and Hannah, there were going to be 31,996 other attendees heading to VINISUD this year, so the temptation for distraction was huge. We came equipped with some vino goals to achieve at the event in order to keep us (for us, read ‘Sam’) on track. 

Our mission was three-fold: to uncover some spanky new Rhone Valley wines, to sniff out some quality Languedoc A.O.C’s and to blend our very own Cotes du Rhone Villages. Expanding and improving our range by sourcing memorable, quality wines is always our number one priority and we hoped that this trip to VINISUD would enable us to do exactly that….


All in all, it was a pretty damn successful mission:

1. The Rhone Valley – We tasted a whole heap of eyebrow-raising wines from the Rhone Valley including some rare and very cheeky whites from the North. 

2. Languedoc A.O.C. – Amanda (the LVG resident Languedoc expert) introduced to a whole host of folks from the area and we tasted some stonky Corbieres, Minervois and St Chinian wines. 

3. The LVG’s Own Cotes du Rhone Village – Done! After beacoup d’executive research, we’ve now decided on a blend that’s likely to appeal to the international palate –spicy, fruit forward, sundrenched and weighty, she’s one hell of a tasty little number – mmm mmm!

So well executed was our mission that we even had time to taste a whole load of new vintages from our existing line-up including the quite wonderfully fresh Boutinot La Fleur Solitaire, Cotes du Rhone Blanc.

VINISUD – it’s a wrap. A la prochaine….

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