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Training Videos

Yummy wines and a great service is all very well, but to really get the best out of our grog, the people presenting the wines to the consumer need to be confident and enthused. To that end we have created these training videos, each covering a different topic and designed to take some of the fear out of the snobby world of wine. Pick one to cover a key area or watch them in order for a full training session…

If you are planning an in-house tasting then download the ‘Cheat Sheet’, for each of your wines here using the search box on the right.

An intro to the vids…

Wine Tasting and Appreciation

Wine glass waggler extraordinaire Amanda Myles helps us to make sense of all that sniffing and slurping and how it can help us to enjoy and understand our wines like never before.

Were you listening? Take Amanda’s Wine Tasting & Appreciation test:

What is Wine?

Ex-winemaker and LVG head honcho Roch Braillon explains how something as simple as grape juice can become so complicated, and then makes it simple again.

Were you listening? Take Roch’s Wine Production test:

Wine Service

Our in-house sommelier Guillaume Masson talks us through wine service, from opening a bottle to making food matching suggestions…

Were you listening? Take Guillaume’s Wine Service test:

Holding an in-house wine tasting – here’s how…