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Thunder Vodka

Blazing the Thunder trail…

…and satisfying our need for a punchy vodka kick (29.9%!) and a smooth sweet finish.

Thunder is so versatile; have it on its own, in your coffee, or on your cornflakes. We are genuinely yet to find something it doesn’t go with.

The backstory:Thunderofficsnow

When working in a bar in Val d’Isère, Jon Lilly
(Thunder founder) decided to try his hand at weird and wonderful flavoured vodkas – pear drops, parma violets, you name it.

Finding Toffee Vodka ridiculously popular with skiers, he quickly realised nobody knew the ABV or how it was mixed.

That’s where Thunder came in: Reliable, less diluted, natural toffee + vodka blend.

It has since been flying off the shelves.

“No chemicals, no E nuthunderblurmbers, no nasties”

Thunder uses five times distilled grain vodka, and the toffee is pure melted cane sugar, free from unnatural additives and preservatives.

Most importantly, it tastes fantastic, and the fantastic is consistent.

You can be sure this isn’t a toffee vodka made with the cheapest thing from the off-licence, that you’ve heard somewhere along the line can make you go blind.

It’s also not going to be the stuff that you can “drink a whole bottle of” because if you do, you will need to see a doctor; Thunder is the real deal.

Try it and you’ll buy it.

The great thing about Jon and his operation is that he fiercely believes in it, heck, all of us here at LVG do too. [I practically tried to sell some to my boyfriend the amount I was going on about it.]

You can drink it in a whole manner of ways; a drink that’s difficult to say no to…


“Shot?” –> “No thanks I don’t like shots” –>“On the rocks?” –> “No thanks, I prefer cocktails” –> “How about our selection of 33 mixes created by master mixologist Brett Conell” –> “Hmm no thanks I don’t really like the sound of any of them” –> “Fancy a dessert? Here’s five thousand you can try.” (Well, maybe not five thousand, but it must be close).

You’ll be putting it in your pasta before you know it.

Chill it down and go for gold.

For the best taste, drink as cold as possible – from the fridge or over ice but don’t worry tooooo much – Thunder has now won 6 Gold Medals from various prestigious drinks associations, for which the tastings must be conducted at room temperature. 


How we’re having ours:

We quizzed a few of the LVG team about how they like their Thunder…

Amanda – Ex-Diageo booze-peddler, now beating the high-altitude streets of the Alps for LVG.

“Take vanilla ice cream, sprinkle some walnuts, add dried apple on top and pour Thunder all over it.”

thunder-gift-box-open-1024x864Guillaume – Amanda’s French, male twin. Sort of.

“I love an espresso; a Thunder Vodka Espresso Martini is what I’ll choose if I want to push the boat out a little”

Adam – Wino-in-chief at LVG.

Has chosen to sub in his wife for a reference: “Often to be caught on our sofa, swirling a brandy glass of Thunder on the rocks. She says that the sweetness satisfies her evening chocolate urge whilst the booze takes care of the nightcap.”

Have a gander at their masterful selection cocktail recipes here
So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on some ASAP, before everyone at LVG drinks the stock dry.

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