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Thirsty Cambridge: award winning drinking

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Hip, hip, hooray! We’re award winners!

In case you didn’t know, it’s not all about the Alps here at Le Verre Gourmand. As well as our base here and our ever growing business across Europe, we’ve also set up camp in the UK, with both LVG UK and our Cambridge based shop and bar, Thirsty Cambridge.

Now not only do we think Thirsty Cambridge is pretty great, everyone else seems to agree with us. We’ve just been awarded the ‘Rising Star Award’ by the Cambridge News, which aims to highlight a company that ‘puts real passion and pride into their work’ within the food and drinks sector. They described us as bringing a ‘real buzz’ to the area, adding: ‘it sells a terrific range of unusual beers and wines, and it has regular pop-up food vans, so it has become a great place to grab something to eat and drink.’ **Pats self on back**

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How it all works…

Thirsty was dreamt up by Sam Owens, co-founder of Le Verre Gourmand. Having set up LVG France in 2006, he returned to the UK in 2009 and set up LVG UK and Thirsty in 2015. LVG UK imports the stuff and sells it on to businesses (like Thirsty); Thirsty sells it to you and me on the street.

It’s not just about the booze…

Feeling peckish as well as thirsty? Thirsty have you covered. With a different food truck parked outside every evening, you need only step outside to refuel (before coming back in for more great wine, of course). Recent offerings have included burger extraordinaires Steak and Honour and creators of terrific Spanish nosh Tapas Azahar.

You can buy online…

Not only does Thirsty Cambridge allow you to kick back with a glass/ bottle/ case of something delicious in house, you can also buy wine straight from the shop, or (and this is the best bit) order online and have it delivered, anywhere in the UK. So whether you’re nestled in the Scottish Highlands or tucked away in deepest Devon, you can enjoy fantastic booze without even leaving your house. It’s what our dreams are made of. Checkout the website to browse and buy.

We’re revolutionaries…

The Thirsty slogan is revolutionary drinking. There’s a big emphasis on putting the jargon to one side and getting down to the important stuff- enjoying fabulous beer and wine. Our relaxed approach makes a seriously refreshing change and is bound to get even the most amateur drinker excited about wine.

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