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Tastings for private buyers

2013-06-21 17.52.58

Age restrictions apply.

This spring and summer we’re offering free wine tastings for private buyers. If you and your mates have empty looking cellars or a great big party coming up, we’d love to help!

Just give us a shout, invite a bunch of pals over and we’ll rock up with a selection of yummy wines. We’ll tell you all about them whilst you guzzle the lot. You then decide which ones make it into the basement…

Erm… BTW – obviously all of this has to be vaguely commercial – we’d kinda appreciate a group of 8+ ‘motivated individuals’! Cheers!

For details, contact:

French Alps: or call him on +33 648 14 48 92

UK: or call him on +44 7711 433 785



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