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Ski Show wine tasting in London – Fri 1 Nov 2013

2013-05-26 15.04.45As we did last year, we’ll be holding a big tasting just outside the London Ski Show on Fri 1 Nov.

For those of you who made it last year, I’ve booked the same venue. But this time, I really want to make it a humdinger (it was all a bit last-min last year). As well as giving you another oppo to taste and make your choices for winter, we want to use it to build more profile in the industry. I’d like to see it become one of THE social events around the London Ski Show for the UK ski biz in the run-up to the winter season. Feel free to mention it to your staff and to other folk in the industry. And if you can help us drag a few other clients onboard, we will reward you with free booze!

It’ll be at the Best Western Burns Hotel on Fri 1 Nov from 2pm until 9pm. The hotel is just 200m from EC tube (click here for a map), so is really easy to get to from the show venue. We’ll have our top-notch Master Sommelier there again – Ronan Sayburn – who can dish the goss on his time managing the wine side for Gordon Ramsay…

If you want to do a spot of serious tasting, with one of us holding your hand and paying serious attention, I suggest you get along in the afternoon and let’s book a time into the diary. I suspect that – after about 5/6ish – it’ll turn into more of a piss-up than proper tasting…

If you’ve also got any mates/family/etc who are NOT ski biz, but who you think might be interested in buying from us via Calais (perhaps for weddings or big parties), get ’em along too.

Let me know if you can make it, with a rough idea of numbers.

Cheers – Sam

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