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Here at Le Verre Gourmand, it’s not only about brilliant booze. We know that our range has to be backed up by plenty of support – whether that’s advice, technical support, staff training, point of sale material or splicing our logistics into yours – we’re here to help. Read on or click the links below to be taken to a specific section;

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Training resources

Product information

You can find an information sheet on any of our products using the ‘Search Products’ box at the top-right of any page on this site. Read the information on the page or download a printable .pdf document. Information includes images, menu text, producer information and ‘how do I say it’ guides.

Staff training

Great drinks are only worth so much unless your staff are confident to talk to your clients about them. We relish any opportunity to get in front of your people, increase their knowledge and boost their confidence by having them take part in one of our open training workshops or company-specific training sessions. We seek to demystify drinks and avoid any pretentiousness- focusing on myth-busting, product essentials, service and practical advice that is tailored to the level of the group. Get in touch to get started.

Training Videos

We have produced a series of videos (in English) on ‘Wine Tasting’, ‘What is Wine?’ and ‘Wine Service’ for those that are seeking to run an in-house wine training session or to brush up on existing knowledge. See the introduction video here and visit the Training Videos Page to watch and then test your knowledge in our quiz.


Beer Dispensing

Whether you need a mobile beer pump for an event or a full-on installation for your bar or restaurant, we are here to help. We have a number of in-house options as well as partnerships that allow us to provide both equipment and products to keep your beer flowing for as long as you need. We can also provide cleaning and maintenance solutions for cellars, beer lines and other equipment.  Contact us.

Note that at Le Verre Gourmand we will consider financing (or part-financing) installations for bars/restaurants under a supply contract but we strongly believe that our clients are in a better position when they are not contracted to distributors. Free houses enjoy greater autonomy, better pricing and more control over the beer that they serve and the suppliers that they work with.

Wine consulting

If you are looking for something special or simply not sure what you need – our wine consultants are available for you. We have advised on private cellars, weddings, parties, restaurant/bar lists and many more. In addition to our regularly stocked range we have access to a huge array of fine wines, prestigious producers, international wines and the most sought-after vintages. All you need to do is get in touch to start the ball rolling.


Point of Sale Materials

Need to attract a little attention? Consider one of our wine/beer/gin menus or see if we have any producer merchandise that you can use to boost your product’s profile. Menus are produced by us and allow you to print, tweak and reprint menus as often as you like. Merchandise is provided by our suppliers (so stock/availability is not guaranteed) and we hate to see it sitting on our shelves when it can be out there doing a job for you and raising product awareness for our producers. Just contact us and we’ll see what’s in store.

Online Ordering

Online ordering speeds up order-delivery times, reduces errors, makes accounting simpler and provides you with regular updates on your orders. You can log in and order from a Windows, Apple or Android device just as soon as we have you set up. If you have a chosen range of preferred products then your ordering page will be pre-filled for you when you log in. Visit our Client Area to get started.


Delivery Schedule

Our commitment to reliable delivery is second-to-none and our drivers are a reliable, determined bunch. We deliver regularly using our own vehicles to all of our clients in the French Alps and western Switzerland and have transport partnerships that enable us to go far beyond including Austria, Italy, Greece and the UK. Our Alpine delivery schedule is available in the Client Area and we regularly ship to destinations in several other European countries. Our office team are on hand to deal with specific requests so simply drop us a line to get things started.