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Reasons to Drink More Wine

We’re a pretty helpful bunch here at Le Verre Gourmand and as such, we thought we’d let you know some absolutely mouth-wateringly wonderful reasons why you should be drinking more wine (as if you need convincing).

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It helps prevent dementia…

Actual real-life scientist Professor Jeremy Spencer has found that champagne has the potential to improve cognitive function. According to House Beautiful, it’s all down to a wondrous compound found in pinot noir and pinot meunier, and means that popping open some fizz every day (yes, you read that right, every day) could help guard against dementia and Alzheimer’s. Wonderful news, now get that Laurent Perrier on ice!

Couples that drink together stay together…

A recent study found that pairs with similar drinking habits see each other in a more positive light and are more likely to have a happy relationship than couples in which one person drinks and the other stays sober. Apparently couples who drink together tend to describe their partners as less demanding and critical and therefore feel happier in their relationship.

(Editor’s note- not sure if this is because they’re utterly sozzled and therefore take no notice of what the others saying, or because it actually works. Let us know.)

A photo by Stefan Johnson.

Food tastes better with wine…

Now you don’t need us to tell you that food and wine go together like strawberries and cream. Where things get more complicated is actually picking your wine and food. Obviously this is down to personal preference, but to lend you a helping hand we’ve created a whole load of fantastic ‘Cheat Sheets’ for our wines. They’ll lead you in the right direction with your wine pairings, and make you look like a bit of a vino expert to your guests. Check out the range and all the cheat sheets here and everyone’s guaranteed to be wowed by your pairing prowess.

It’s like going to the gym…

Wonderful Canadian scientists have found that a glass of red wine a day could be more beneficial to physical performance, heart function and muscle strength than an hour at the gym. So put down those trainers and crack open the Rioja, you’re onto a winner. If you want to combine both running and drinking, there’s even a marathon in Bordeaux where runners make their way from 59 vineyards, hydrating with glasses of red wine en route. Sounds like our kind of exercise.


Feeling thirsty after all that? Get in touch to order your memory-improving, relationship-problem-solving, food-enhancing wine today.

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