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Von Freude Beer We try thousands of wines and beers every year to keep our range bang up-to-date and spot-on for our clients’ needs.

We choose wines that will suit the typical international palate and work in a chalet or bar/restaurant situation (flexible with/without food). Some are the big traditional classics like Sancerre, Chablis and Rioja. Others are more modern in style, influenced by the New World (wines that are often fruitier, softer, fresher – and labelled by grape variety). From easy-quaffing everyday wines to special-occasion classic bottles, we look for superb producers who offer exceptional value for money.

Many wines come from producers who already sell successfully to international markets. With our international clientele, that counts for a lot. Whilst most of our wines still come from France and the Old World, we have a growing range of New World and other European wines.

On the beer front, it’s all about style, stories and craftsmanship. You’ll never find a watery, soulless lager on our lists. We look for vibrant producers who are producing beers in modern ‘craft’ styles that meet the demands of our clients. Hoppy IPA’s, ‘session’ beers or stepping stones between more familiar ale styles and the wacky world of modern craft beer.

As well as what’s inside the bottle, we take presentation into account: a cheesy label or bottle on the table isn’t great for your image. It’s not rocket science, but it makes all the difference.

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