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Quick! Get your Valentine’s Day orders in now!

Just 6 days to go so forget the choccies, forget the flowers, forget the cards and focus on what will really make your other half happy…. Love(ly WINE).

Stock up on the Rosé Champagne or juicy Italian Barbera recommended below or click here for all of the options on our wine list….

Setting the mood….  cork love
Bubbly –it’s a celebration after all so go for our Beaumont des Crayères Grand Rosé Champagne (17.75HT). Soft pink in colour with fine, elegant bubbles, this Champagne has fruity aromas of citrus and raspberry on the nose with delicate flavours of red fruit, cherry, gooseberry, blackberry on the palate with a frank finish. No romantic celebration would be complete without a bottle (or two) of this.
For the meal….
A romantic evening calls for a romantic wine. We suggest our Italian delight Marchesi di Barolo Barbera D’Alba Ruvei (8.08HT). This beautifully soft, rounded red from the Piedmont region of Italy has warm, reassuring flavours of berries, brambles and cherries with an incredibly smooth, velvety palate. If you are planning pasta dishes with rich sauces or hearty meat based dishes for your Valentine’s Day meal, ‘Ruvei’ could be the perfect match.

While you’re at it – what else do you need? Check your cellar and let us know what needs topping up. Just call 04 50 58 59 81 or contact us via our website – we’d love to hear from you.

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Happy Valentine’s Day wine-lovers.  

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