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Proudly presenting – C’est Nous Gin!

The latest addition chez nous is… ‘C’est Nous’! – fabulous, artisanal French gin. These guys are based in Normandy, and they’re bringing the gin revolution to France.

Gin C'est Nous

Tell us the story

Head honchos at C’est Nous, David (rosbif) and Julie (frog) both used to work in London, where the ‘craft gin’ scene has been going nuts over the last few years. They became fascinated by the world of gin, visiting dozens of distilleries in search of the perfect boozy botanical blend.

In the summer of 2015 they moved to France. To their horror, France was fiercely lacking in all that they had grown to love. A seed was sown and David and Julie set out to up the French game…

Brainchild conceived picking grapes?

The idea of becoming gin producers was built whilst picking grapes in a vineyards in Champagne and Burgundy. They knew exactly what they wanted, now all they needed was to get cracking. So they put their careers in hospitality and sommelierie on hold, and C’est Nous was born.

So, how does it taste?

It has a lot going on; floral aromas, and a complex, elegant, well integrated taste. Towards the end, you’ll notice a bit of a kick with some smooth, spicy warmth.

It’s a really dynamic, versatile gin, and can be used however you fancy; aperitif, digestif, in a cocktail or even on the rocks.

The nitty gritty

Juniper, orange and angelica are left macerating overnight along with a few secret ingredients, then you distill and add coriander seeds afterwards. The spice is due to the coriander seeds; if you were to add these before distillation, you would have a very spicy surprise indeed… Finally, mix the Boskoop apple with distilled alcohol and water.

Et voila, C’est Nous. An aromatic and well balanced beauty.

It must be French!

They’re really keen on keeping things close to home, by using traditional methods and supplies. They use French ingredients as much as possible and local Normandy apples are at the heart of it all. Locality is at the core of their product.

Gin in SnowWhere does the name come from?

It had to be French and it had to be unique. Their gin is all about the experience; it’s made to be shared amongst friends, and adapted to different situations.

Through the name, David and Julie are trying to convey an environment of sharing and encourage the creation of a story.

Watch out France, C’est Nous is after you…

They are something different for France, where the gin wave has only recently begun lapping at ze shores. We welcome the artisanal producers with open arms and dry mouths.

It is a fantastically adaptable product. You can drink it pure and it won’t be aggressive (trust us, we tried it at 11am yesterday morning), and it goes with pretty much everything.

We’ve been recommended trying with clementine, lemon and ginger; all of which sound absolutely delicious – and on that note I might have to leave work early…

Although suggestions are made, David and Julie are very insistent that the gin should be enjoyed how you want it. They’ll tell you what they’ve tried, and if you prefer your own concoction then great!

Thirsty? Here’s some special recipes courtesy of C’est Nous

Gin and tonic

Mmmmm… delish

1 part C’est Nous Gin
3 parts Tonic
Ice and garnish (As the gin combines 9 aromats, various garnishes match well with the gin such as a slice of ginger, lemon, orange or mandarin, lime and apple)

Mulled Gin
50g Crushed Red Berries mixed with 50ml of C’est Nous Gin
200ml Cloudy Apply Juice
100ml Water
Spices and Orange Peel
Add together and heat. 

C’est Nous Elderflower cocktail
Crush mint, cucumber and lime
2 part C’est Nous Gin
1 part Elderflower Liquor
1 part Lime Juice 

Our thoughts

This gin is brilliant, it’s full of complex and delicate flavours, without being harsh at all. At 40% alcohol it takes real crafts(wo)manship to harness and integrate all of that booze with the right New Year C'est Nousblend of botanicals. We are really impressed with how well this has been achieved.

When mixing this gin, less is more! We think that using traditional tonics or sugary mixers will mask its fabulousity (yes, this isn’t a word, but they deserve a new one), so over ice, with dry tonic or a little fresh orange should do just right.

David and Julie are passionate, talented and have an eye for funky design too. Oh – and it helps that their gin is delicious. We are delighted to be representing them.

Need some C’est Nous chez vous? Contact us today.

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