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Popping up in Bozel this Friday!

This Friday, the 4th November, for one night only…

Adam will be taking over the beer pumps at the Saint Roch III to bring craft beer to Bozel and stocking the bar with a bonkers range of World Wines to give you a taste of home, or away, or wherever…

Couple that with a never-to-be-seen-again appearance from Bring Your Allusions, or Elude Your Sisters or, erm… whatever you call it when Sam & Pat (The Allusions) combine their musical powers with Gareth (Bring Your Sisters) on stage from 7pm.

Oh yeah, the restaurant is now a Creperie and Pizzeria. So you don’t have to go home. Perhaps ever.

It’s gonna be a cracker. And even if it isn’t, it just started getting dark at 5.30pm – so what the Castlemaine XXXX* else are you going to do?

See ya there!

*Born after 1985? Castemaine XXXX was rubbish Aussie Lager with a half-funny slogan. For clarity, we’ll be serving up plenty of half-funny humour, but no rubbish lager.

Bozel Pop up invite

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