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CggTzL2W4AAq40aSARL Le Verre Gourmand (the French equivalent of a limited company) is a wholesale wine, craft beer and artisanal spirits merchant based in the French Alps and distributing all over Europe.

Owners Adam Breen, Roch Braillon and Sam Owens have assembled a crack team with a no-holds barred approach to sourcing the best wines and getting them to where they are needed. Everybody works under the watchful eye of Jane Williams – head honcho at our office/warehouse in Passy where people are kept in check by Roucky – Jane’s faithful Dalmatian.

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It all started in the Alps back in 2006 – answering the call of zillions of skiers, dissatisfied with ‘chalet plonk’ and looking for a better tipple. Since then we have engaged with hundreds of bars, restaurants, hotels and private individuals – looking to buy both classic appellations and international styles. We kept expanding and diversifying  to cope with it all – moving to bigger premises, growing our team, adding new wines and more recently, bottle/keg beers and artisan spirits.

We love drinks with character – tasting them, talking about them and helping people to find the things that match  their needs. We are thrilled to bits when people get in touch so give us a shout (call, email, tweet, facebook, carrier pigeon, message in a bottle – we’re all ears) as we’d love to hear from you. 

Whilst the idyll of swanning around vineyards waggling wine glasses about springs to mind, there is much more to it than that. Every one of our drivers, administrators, booze consultants, managers, warehousemen (and women), interns and buyers has a vital part to play. It’s a great feeling to see it all come together and knowing that we are raising the bar – not just of drinks standards but of personal, flexible service and delivery. We are really proud of what we do.

Le Verre Gourmand’s roadshow rolls on and on – choosing wines, beers and spirits from all over the world and then presenting them to you, our customers, so that you can pick from the very best. We enjoy almost every second of it (the mornings can be a bit tricky). Follow our latest escapades in ‘ze blog’ – a tiddly hotchpotch of wine-tales, vino news and our latest adventures.