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New Year & New Beer

Let’s Smash 2016 Together!

Christmas may be over but the good times never stop here at LVG – there’ll be none of this ‘dry January’ malarkey for us, hell no!

We’re still out there on the bottle-shaped road and keen to help you refine your wine selection as the season progresses. Amanda Myles is back on the team for 2016 and is the person to get in touch with if you’re keen to keep things interesting, try some new wines or tweak your existing winter wine selection.

And on the subject of new and interesting stuff – have you heard of Alepine yet?

Inspired by the massive U.S craft beer scene, David Holme and his team have created a genius concept and a brand new beer brewed specifically to be drunk in the mountains. Launched in 2015, Alepine has made a serious impression in a very short period of time and we are delighted to be working with the guys as their distribution partner in the Alps.

If you fancy giving it a try then let us know and we’ll add a case of 24 bottles or a 30L keg of this delicious, lager-meets-hoppy craft beer to your next order.

Game on.


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