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New For Winter 15/16 – Two Utterly Delish Savoie Wines

The Search Is Over – Our New Savoie Wines Are Here!

Just like A-Ha, we’ve been ‘hunting high and low’ for years to find some Savoie wines worth yodelling about but finally we’ve got two that fit the bill.

So here they are ladies and gents – our brand new wines from the Domaine du Vigneron P’tiou in the north-west of the Savoie region: an Apremont and a Mondeuse.

The Apremont is typical of the region’s style – dry, floral, mineral and fresher than the Prince of Bel-Air. Taught acidity backs everything up and makes it the perfect cheese-cutter for those hearty Savoyard dishes…

The Mondeuse Cuvée des Ducs is abit less typical. To be honest, we’ve always found Mondeuse a bit hard to get on with so stumbling upon this balanced, juicy cassis-tastic fella was an extra-pleasant surprise. Yes, it’s great with local cuisine but you can try it with a bit of duck or just quaff it on its own too. Yum yum.

Et voila…..santé peoples. Get your mitts on this stuff at the next tasting near you or by contacting us.

Just Exactly Who Makes This Delicious Stuff? 

Le Vigneron P’tiou is a family run vineyard located 10 miles from Chambéry above the village of Apremont. The award-winning domain has been producing top-quality juice for 16 years, picking up medailles d’or every year for their work.




Jean-Francois Maréchal and his wife Nathalie are passionate about their wines and their region. In addition to the vineyard, they also run a guesthouse which can be pretty useful if you find yourself getting a little carried away during an afternoon’s wine tasting!

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