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Meet the team: Phoebe



Despite a touch of jet-lag after 3 weeks of gallivanting around California, the latest member of the LVG team has arrived raring to go – ready for life as a travelling booze-peddler in the French Alps. Although one may suspect that Phoebe spent those 3 weeks swanning around Californian vineyards, this is far from the case as she was actually sweltering in a desert at the iconic Burning Man music festival. So, as we can gather, Phoebe is always up for an adventure – however this travel-mad-festival-goer has also had her fair share of experience working in the wine industry and playing in the snow. So, who is Phoebe Roth? 


Where do you come from? 

I am a London girl, but my degree took me to the cold, rainy north where I studied French and Spanish at the University of Manchester. The rain must have been enough to deter me from England, as I soon decided that a ski season in Verbier would be a great way to spend the winter after graduating (we are with you on this Phoebe).



Why the Alps? Why Le Verre Gourmand?

Having spent 2 years working for a wine merchant in London, rush hour on the tube was beginning to take its toll… the mountains were calling once again. I was craving the fresh mountain air and a new adventure. Joining the team at Le Verre Gourmand has provided me with an awesome opportunity to combine my passion for wine with my love for the mountains, I can’t wait to embark on this new challenge.


Let’s talk about where your love of wine came from…

It’s kind of a funny story… when I was younger, my dad always used to say how good my sense of taste was… He used to say that I was destined to work with wine, but these remarks were met with disgust by my sassy 10 year old self. That all changed during my time studying as I really started to enjoy wine and in my final year, wised-up and listened to my dad… I embarked on a 4 month internship for a wine merchant in London after graduating and soon realised how beautifully complex the world of wine really is. Since then I’ve been hooked – working in wine and swotting my way towards a WSET diploma in wines and spirits , I guess my dad was right after all!


What are you going to be doing for LVG?

Sampling, discussing and selling some wine hopefully! I am excited to get to know all the clients and explore all the different resorts, whilst helping them establish amazing, tailored winter ranges. Overall, it will just be great to spend time tasting great wine and sharing my passion.


Festivals, wine, travelling, languages. You seem like a lady of many talents, is there anything else that you squeeze into your busy schedule?

I love climbing, running and hiking during the summer. During the winter you’ll find me touring the backcountry. During my season in Verbier, I was working as an instructor having obtained my BASI 2 qualification – it was great fun, however I’m looking forward to getting out on the mountain as opposed to spending the season on the nursery slope with lots of wailing 3 year olds. 


So you’re going to have an action-packed winters… How do you unwind?

Drinks with friends, a run… that kind of thing. 


Sounds like a good balance, I am also obliged to ask – what is your favourite wine and why?

That’s a tricky one… I would normally go for an Alsace Riesling, as I find Riesling to be one of the most interesting grapes and when young, their fruity, refreshing nature makes them very appealing to me, but they can also be fantastically complex with age. However, maybe that will change over the coming months, as I have spotted some fantastic wines on the LVG winter range! 


We are very excited to have Phoebe on board!




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