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Meet the Team: Jasmin

Fresh off the plane from the UK, meet Jasmin – theoretically here for an ERASMUS internship as part of her French studies at the University of Leeds – we all know that she is here for the wine, beer, occasional G&T plus loads and loads of snow. As a former seasonaire in Reberty (3 Valleys), Jasmin knows her way around the mountains as well as having picked up a decent grasp of the local Swahili. So, with no further ado – let’s meet ze lady in question…


Where I come from: 

A little Wight Island on the south coast of the UK – home to The Needles, fossil hunting, a world-class steam railway (it doesn’t take much) and Cowes (the famous sailing town – not the milk-producing bovines).


Why the Alps and Le Verre Gourmand?

I lucked out and did a winter season at the tender age of 7 years old. Double luck-out! Loads of skiing and no school for 7 months. Heaven knows how we got away with it but I am pretty sure that my love of the white stuff dates from then. When looking for an ERASMUS placement I Googled ‘wine’ and ‘alps’ and the rest is history.


What about your other winter seasons?

I traded in a place at Sussex University for a winter season (or 2) in Reberty. The call of the snow was a little strong for my academic self to fight. I started my BASI courses before the urge to learn kicked in again. I headed to Leeds to study French and now seem to have managed to find the perfect way to put my ski and academic passions together for another winter – I can’t wait!


OK, so skiing and chatting French – what else are you hoping to do this winter?

Well, it’s only August so I guess that I have the whole autumn to look forward to first. LVG seems like a fun outfit to be part of and I want to get a look at another side of the ski industry. Taking things from here to the first lifts of the season seems like an exciting period, both in the Alps in general and at LVG. Aside from work I want to see some more Marmots before they all go and hibernate (or whatever they do in winter) – don’t ask me why – I just love the little critters. I am living near Chamonix so I am looking forward to getting to know another part of the Alps. Once the snow comes (oh please – let it SNOW) I’ll be breaking out my touring skis and breaking some new trails. I’m fairly new to uphill skiing but love to be out in the hills and away from the crowds, It’s going to be awesome.


What are you going to be doing at LVG?

Lots, by the sound of it! My role involves helping out in all areas but in particular, supporting our sales team and having plenty of chat with clients, both directly and via our newsletters, blog or social feeds. There seems to be loads that needs to be done between now and the start of the winter and I am due to get involved with a bit of everything while I learn the ropes – including a bit of wine tasting and getting out on the road. Its going to be hard, but fun!


And after all of that skiing and working, how do you relax?

I have a pretty cool balcony on my new pad so I’ll be rolling out the yoga mat from time to time there but frankly, who wants to relax when you live in the heart of the Alps? I’m planning to get involved in as much as I can – snowsports, work, wine, social… Why sit around?

Why indeed – looking forward to having you on the team Jasmin!



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