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Meet the Makers: Von Freude

Von Freude Beer

A couple of hours spent with Natalie and Martin and you quickly realise why Von Freude has been such a success, both in Germany and in the UK: their passion for creating delicious beer and their love of fantastic food and drink in general is infectious. We’re happily adding 3 of their unique beers to our range this year, and caught up with Natalie and Martin to learn a little more about the Von Freude story…

Natalie and Martin haven’t always been in the booze biz, Natalie worked in fashion and Martin in banking before giving it in to focus on their beer full time. Pretty brave, considering neither really had any experience of this fiercely competitive and fast moving sector. Their first brew was made from an online recipe in their kitchen but since then, their use of fresh and natural ingredients and fun flavour combos has won popularity amongst beer lovers and winos alike.

Flavour combinations and pairing their beer with food is at the heart of what they do. ‘We’re not brewers’ explains Natalie, ‘we approach making beer like we would making a delicious meal. Our focus is, and always has been, bringing together complementing flavours and creating a nice balance in each beer.’ What’s more, they put a big emphasis on menu pairings. They’ve worked with top chefs to create menus and to pair their beer with appropriate dishes- something which is really taking off. (You can have beer with food as well as wine?! We’ve tried it and it does work. We promise.)

The reaction from the public to these delicious craft beers seems to be one of pleasant surprise – they seem to expect German beer to be traditional, perhaps even boring, but these beers are far from lacking in character. A great example is their ‘Just Pils’ – it debunks any myth that Pilsner has to be filtered into oblivion and (frankly) dull. It’s part of the lateral thinking that helps Martin to explain Von Freude’s sole aim – to create, ‘drinkable beers that people like and enjoy drinking, in any situation’.

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Naturally, we’ve taken any opportunity going to try these new additions to our range, and this is what we thought…

Von Freude Boulevard

Von Freude Boulevard

We say… A perfect aperitif beer. Zesty citrus with a touch of elderflower and a lovely long hoppy finish.

Ideal with… Seafood or Nibbles

They say… This is a session IPA. Crisp and fresh in taste, it’s ideal for a hot day. Let the aromas of orange peel, elderflower and lemongrass inspire you



Von Freude Just Pils

Von Freude Just Pils

We say… Everything you want from a Pilsner with a bit of craft workmanship thrown in. Depth with a fresh hoppy finish.


They say… This Pilsner is unfiltered, so it retains the distinct refined aroma of a bottom fermenting beer. To add a special twist to this lager, we carefully dry hop Just Pils with a selection of tasty hops. A vibrant mix of red berries, a little citrus and passion fruit. Dry hopping gives this Pilsner particular character, minerality and freshness.



Von Freude Ale PrimeurVon Freude Ale Primeur

We say… Malty hops meet tropical fruit, with a balanced softness. Full bodied and rich with restrained sweetness.

Perfect… In front of a roaring fire, after a day on the slopes.

They say… The amber coloured Ale Primeur surprises with its diversity of colour and aroma. The fruity smell of the beer is herbal, with a seductive note of ripe mango and yellow fruits. The taste is full bodied and and malty, mildly carbonated with a pleasant bitterness.



As always, to place an order or to find out more, just get in touch.

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