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It’s the LVG Wine School!

Sometimes, you just need a little excuse to pull the cork on a bottle of wine and today we have just the thing: EDUCATION

Example page with wine info and video link.

Our in-house wine educator, Phoebe, has made a special wine selection, complete with a weblink for basic information, a short presentation video plus a bit more detail for the real swots among you. There are 3 white and 3 red wines in her first selection, each chosen to give a little insight into the plethora of possibilities that different grape types can offer.

Don’t know your Pinot Noir from your Sauvignon Blanc? Don’t worry – Phoebe’s got you covered and you get to figure it all out with a delicious glass of wine in hand. Just fill your glass, click the link or scan the QR code provided and you’ll be a (sort of) Master Sommelier in no time.

The wine school is a perfect gift for friends, a bit of fun for your guests or just a good excuse for a nice glass of wine.

Order your ‘LVG Wine School’ 6-bottle box by using the form below or logging into your client area and searching for ‘LVG Wine School’.

Free delivery on our alpine routes. A surcharge may apply for other areas. Payment on order may be requested. See our sales terms here:


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