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LVG is ready and waiting…

Firstly, a great, big THANK YOU to all of our clients and suppliers out there for their communication and best wishes as the Alps makes its way through some unpredictable times. We are all flying blind to some extent so it is heartening to hear so many friendly voices out there in the darkness.

The industry is waiting for the green light to get back to business as usual and we want to be as prepared as possible for the restart. To help us to support you, your feedback is vital. We need to know what your plans are so that we can be appropriately stocked and scheduled to service your needs.

Having been closed down with stock in hand, or facing uncertainty about the regularity of business this winter, many of our clients have chosen to keep their range unchanged. Whilst this is logical and wise, we want to reiterate that we are here to help if tweaks/wholesale changes are required and can do this work both before the reopening (at a distance) or during the winter months when you are back under way.

You should have already had contact of one sort or another from our team, but we want to reiterate that whilst our operating conditions have had to change a little, we are there for you just as much as ever. Take a look at this blog post to see how we have had to tweak our operation. While we wait for you to get back to us or for the situation to become clearer, we will continue to be available on online or on the phones whenever you need us.

It’s not all doom and gloom. Throughout the lockdown our Special Offers continue and our deliveries roll on and on. Don’t hesitate to log in or create an account, or simply contact us to make sure that you are well stocked for the evenings at home.

Please do stay in touch and keep an eye on our social feeds and your inbox for our latest news. We don’t expect you to have the full picture (crystal ball??) but your feedback is greatly appreciated and we always enjoy the chat.

Cheers for now,


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