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LVG Jobs: Sales and marketing coordinator

Initial 8-month position from 4/9/17. Possibility of a permanent role thereafter. €€€ SMIC + travel and expenses.

Over the course of a calendar year a lot happens here at LVG. From September our pre-winter charge is relentless, sending our ‘Booze Consultants’ and Wine Educators all over the Alps to sell wine and beer, offer advice and back it all up with staff training sessions. Once winter is under way we support these clients as well as creating workshops and events all over the hills. Even when the snow melts we are busy – summer events, choosing new products and supporting a growing number of summer clients all keep us on our toes.

If that wasn’t enough, we have to keep lines of communication open at all times, both internally within our team and externally via phone, email and social media. We need to keep our systems up to date and our operations team armed with the right information to do the all-important job of getting booze to where it needs to be. All of this needs to be done seamlessly – and it all happens within an ever-changing Anglo-French melting pot of an organisation.

Still reading? Then maybe this is the job for you.  Here are the essential requirements:

  • Excellent organisational and administrative skills.
  • Ensuring precise follow up of tastings and events in conjunction with our sales team (AKA Booze Consultants).
  • Organising/creating events – tastings, ‘pop-up’ events, wine shows, workshops…
  • Managing PR, social media and email marketing campaigns.
  • Maintaining copy and images on our website and blog.
  • Providing scheduling/administrative support to our sales team.
  • Providing scheduling/administrative/personal assistance to Directors.
  • Planning the schedule of our two wine trainers in November/December.
  • Liaising with clients for orders, sales and training support.
  • Creating and updating wine information and training aids.
  • Managing customer logins to our online ordering centre.
  • Creating and using reports to follow up on email/social media campaigns and identify opportunities/issues.
  • Controlling and sending out ‘point of sale’ material to support our clients.
  • Creating/posting weekly/monthly offers, new product announcements and promotions.


  • Excellent written and spoken English (Level C2 or native English speaker)
  • French speaking is desirable. Willingness to learn is essential.
  • Industry experience (drinks and/or alpine tourism) is desirable.
  • Experience of planning and organising events.
  • Good understanding of social media and PR.
  • Personal assistance and administrative support experience.
  • Decision making skills as well as knowing when to seek support.
  • Excellent attention to detail.

A personable, flexible character and work ethic are the most essential attributes that any potential addition to our team must have. The successful candidate would work from our office in Passy (Haute-Savoie) from day to day but would be expected to travel for events and spend some nights away from home.

Looks like a lot to handle doesn’t it? If you are up for the challenge then please apply in writing to This position will close as soon as the right candidate is found.

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