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Le Verre Gourmand – presenting our new range for winter 2014-15

Many congratulations to Sam Taylor – winner of our ‘how many wines are in the new range’ Facebook competition and now with €50 of wine credit at the Royal Bank of LVG. His guess of 286 wines is bang on!

Get ahead for this winter. Contact us now to request a peak at the new list and keep up to date with what we are up to on Facebook and Twitter.  



Why so many different wines?

The answer is simple really – we have so many types of customer these days – chalets, hotels, restaurants, bars and private individuals – we need a lot of wines (and a bigger warehouse) in order to have something for everyone. We’ve tasted 4000+ wines (hic!) this year to give the list our biggest ever overhaul. We’re really excited about the results so here are some of the highlights:

NEW – Our very own mini-range – Chemin des Pins.

Created and specially blended by us with some of our best producers, the Chemin des Pins wines are all about bang-for-buck affordability, broad appeal and looking good on the table. We’ve stuffed an extra squeeze of fruit, a little more spice, a bit more roundness or just a slug more fun in to each of these wines and can’t wait to show them to you.

International style.

LVG has always looked hard to find French wines that appeal to international tastes and to grow our range of wines that are produced in other countries. We’ve nipped over the borders to find the best of Spain and Italy and ventured to South Africa and beyond to bring back some cracking New World flavours. We’re now in better shape than ever to take care of that ‘New World’ section of a bar/restaurant wine menu or to bring a bit of wine tourism to your home via our new, dedicated direct-to-consumer website – launching in 2015.

French classics.

You can be as international as you like in the wine world but some of the greatest grog on the planet is on our doorstep – right here in France. We’ve replaced a few wines where we reckon we can improve quality, price or both and added new wines to broaden the range. We’ve kept most of the old favourites. This year we went to loads of wine shows (oh, the things we endure for you) and dragged a bunch of our clients around Burgundy in search of the perfect Pinot Noir (we found it, along with the dashing Guillaume Guiton – our new fave Burgundian producer).

france map


Better than just showing you the list, we want to show you the wines too. Autumn is full of tastings and events – some of which will be near you. (And if they are not, we’ll happily create one for you or send you some samples.)

Give us a shout and we’ll have the list over to you in a jiffy.

Email or, as always, we’d love to hear from you so give us a call on:

Office/Warehouse +33 (0)4 50 58 59 81 >>> Most stuff

Sam +44 (0)7711 433785 >>> UK stuff

Adam +33 (0)6 48 14 48 92 >>> Alps stuff

Roch +33 (0)6 85 45 90 98 >>> French stuff

Jane +33 (0)6 75 86 19 60 (work mobile) >>> Deliveries stuff

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