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Introducing ‘Citizens of Everywhere’ – Europe’s biggest ever craft-collaboration brewing project.

Citizens of Everywhere UK EK brewing beer

We are proud to introduce Citizens of Everywhere – the brainchild of our sister operation, ‘Thirsty’ over in the UK. 12 of the UK’s highest rated craft brewers will joining forces with 12 of the EU’s brewing superstars to produce 12 collaboration beers – all in time for #Brexit day.

It all started when Thirsty head honcho Sam Owens went to see his pal and star of the craft brewing world, Justin Hawke at Moor Beer over in the west country. As Justin put it, “As someone who chose to move to Europe [from the USA] and start my brewery in the UK, this topic is hugely personal. It was crucial for us to avoid a negative, antagonistic tone in what we’re doing. Sure, we believe strongly that it’s a bad idea to leave the EU, but we don’t want to be political. At the heart of everything we’re doing is a positive message celebrating all the great things that can be achieved by working together. This project uses beer as a medium for people to really internalise how we must continue building bridges as people, as businesses and as nations.”

And if you are wondering the answer is an emphatic YES, we will be pilfering a few of our favourites for shipment to the Alps so that you can enjoy them too. For more info visit or hop onto the CoE facebook page.

Love EU or hate EU, there are definitely some tasty benefits from showing Europe’s brewers a little love. Here are how the teams line up…

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