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Grands Fromages 2019 postponed

Our Grands Fromages 2019 seminar/fun day, due to be held on the 2nd of April 2019 has been postponed.

We feel that as we have the luxury of the whole spring and summer to get together, the timing of this event should be changed. Many potential attendees will be preparing to close their winter seasons and with so much uncertainty around Brexit – a topic that is likely to dominate proceedings – we may be fewer in number as people prepare their reactions and less able to hold a meaningful vote ahem, discussion on this and other subjects.

SBIT, the Seasonal Businesses In Travel group are holding a meeting on the 16th of April in Chambery, France, expressly to discuss Brexit and its impact on the UK outbound travel industry and we invite all businesses for whom SBIT is relevant to attend this event. Please see for details of the group’s work and to register your interest for this event.



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