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Extortionate price hikes on 1st Sept – stockpile your wine now!!

Extortionate price hikes on 1st Sept – stockpile your wine now!!

Just kidding, but, with the official release of our new wine range for 2014-15 scheduled for the 1st of September, our prices will be changing a little so, here is the bit that you need to read…

‘…order your wines before 1/9/14 and pay our old prices*’

*Stock permitting, bien sur.

Re the new range – we’ll have even more wines this year to reflect all of the fun stuff (below) that has been going on. Many prices will be staying exactly the same and none have changed wildly. Our goal remains the same – to provide fab wines selected for sheer drinkability and international appeal at great value. For more info, click here:

Fun stuff that has been going on.

–          An even bigger team. Having swapped the spoddy delights of Oxford for the new LVG office/warehouse in Passy – Katherine and Oli are fitting right in with the rest of the team (which tells you a lot). They have even been doing admirable impressions of Roch having been coerced into researching and presenting wines, in French, to the rest of the gang.

–          Loads of new wines. These include our very own ‘Chemin des Pins’ range of wines – blended by us to match the needs of our chalet clients. Also, we have introduced bags of new international wines for those whose tastes extend beyond ‘l’hexagon’.

–          Facetwitbookterest+. That’s right – social media – we’re going to be faceposting twittergrams (or whatever) on the interweb with the best of ‘em so like us, follow us and send us your news so that we can pass it on to the world… Find us here: FacebookTwitter.

–          Planning the autumn booze-fest, erm, tastings schedule. As always, we’re happy to come and see you 1:1 or with a group of mates to talk about wines for this winter but you are also very welcome to come to one of our many tastings. This year we’ll be holding more events in more places than ever – from London to all corners of the Alps and at  our new office in Passy. Details in the next shout-out.

–          A totally new product/website. We figured that it is time to smarten up our offering to our private/wedding/second home clients by creating them their own website – away from all of the biz-to-biz wholesale stuff. Launching for Xmas 2014.

–          A blooming great big warehouse! We were never going to fit all of those people, wines, tastings and products into our old place in Sallanches so we’ve moved up the road to Passy. Come and check out the new gaff any time – we’re really pleased with our new home. Find us at 900 Rue des Prés Moulin, 74190 PASSY, France. We’re right next to BOMA Construction, behind the wood-clad ‘Ginkoia’ building.


As always, we’d love to hear from you so give us a call on:


Office/Warehouse +33 (0)4 50 58 59 81 >>> Most stuff

Sam +44 (0)7711 433785 >>> UK stuff

Adam +33 (0)6 48 14 48 92 >>> Alps stuff

Roch +33 (0)6 85 45 90 98 >>> French stuff


Jane  +33 (0)6 75 86 19 60 (work mobile) >>> Deliveries stuff



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