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Early payment discounts for winter 2014-15

Getting ahead for winter? How about saving a few quid while you are at it?


Select, order and pay for your wines by the dates below and we’ll knock a nice little chunk off your bill…

You do not have to take delivery of your wines immediately. We can store them in our warehouse for delivery later in the autumn. Other than this, our usual terms and conditions apply.

Discounts are based on your estimate of how much wine you will need for half the season or the whole season (you get more % off for paying for the whole season).

We expect estimates to be a little conservative so if you used us in 2013-14, contact to get an idea of the volumes that you took last year. 

Order/payment date: Before 15/9

Full season estimate: 5% off

Half season estimate: 3% off

Order/payment date: 16/9 – 31/10

Full season estimate: 4% off

Half season estimate: 2.5% off

Order/payment date: 1/11 – 15/12

Full season estimate: 3% off

Half season estimate: 2% off


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