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Craft Beer from Seven Brothers, Manchester, U.K.

We are very excited to be working with craft brewers Seven Brothers (who are actually seven brothers) from Manchester in the U.K. They’ve been brewing commercially since 2014 but their love of beer goes way back…

“The seven of us had always fancied working together…but we all did different things, had different careers. Until one day it hit us… The thing that bound us together (beyond brotherhood, obviously) was beer – a deep-rooted love of craft ale. We’re all about beer. So we set up a brewery. It wasn’t easy, but we did it. Our craft beer is now sold all over the country as well as in our own Beerhouse in Ancoats, Manchester.”

Innovation is key at Seven Brothers, who have even collaborated with Kellogg’s for a special range of beer made from up-cycled breakfast cereals. This reduces waste at the Kellogg’s factory and makes delicious tasting beer. Intrigued? Try their Cast Off Pale and Sling It Out Stout to see for yourself! 

Last month, the brothers (or at least one of them) were kind enough to sling some samples in the post to our office out here in the Alps and our team of booze-pros wilfully got to work tasting them. Suffice to say that we were impressed – so much so that we were left fighting over the leftovers – all in the spirit of reducing waste of course!

Amber Lager, Easy IPA, Hoppy Pale and Juicy IPA are available in 33cl cans.
Watermelon Wheat Beer, Honeycomb Pale Ale, Sling It Out Stout and Cast Off Pale are available in 44cl cans. For information on each beer as well as pricing, please follow the steps below.


Terms and conditions:

  • Offer subject to availability. Orders will be fulfilled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only orders placed before 12pm on 02/09/2020 will be accepted.
  • Payment ON ORDER is required to secure your purchase.
  • Delivery date is subject to location of where stock is being held, please allow a wait time of up to 5 weeks from the date you placed your order.
  • In the event of low uptake, this offer may be cancelled.
  • See our full sales terms here:
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