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Check out our brand new logo…

It’s been a long time coming, but we are really chuffed to unveil our brand new LVG logo – sitting up there top-left of this screen. We’ve been working with designer chappie, Richard Chapman (in London), since January and are over the moon with what we’ve come up with together.

So what do you think?

We think it sums us nicely because:

– the typography (the letters) are fairly in-your-face, chunky and bold (a bit like us)

– the words sit at a wonky angle (we’ve all been there after a few too many…)

– it’s a bit scuffed around the edges, not perfectly spic ‘n span (how often have you seen us wearing a Saville Row cravate and tie?)

– the phrase ‘WORLD OF WINE’ says pretty much what we do, ie. we’re not just France – we do the whole world (and we come from all over the world, too)

– the stamp echoes that idea of travelling around the world (like the customs stamps in a passport) and confers upon us some vague notion of authority

As the company keeps growing up (we celebrated our eighth birthday this year), we’re trying to make things look a bit smarter. Don’t worry, we’ll still be perfectly silly in all sorts of places. But a spot of professionalism in our image certainly won’t do us any harm.

Tell us what you think of the logo if you have a sec. Cheers.

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