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Valley Vino Time

Celebrate Autumn At The Morzine Wine Clinic Autumn in the Alps has been off the scale this year and needs to be celebrated! Endless sunshine, warm temps and stunning colours all go perfectly with a glass or two of vino in our opinion so we’re coming to Morzine this week for a little get together. […]

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New For Winter 15/16 – Two Utterly Delish Savoie Wines

The Search Is Over – Our New Savoie Wines Are Here! Just like A-Ha, we’ve been ‘hunting high and low’ for years to find some Savoie wines worth yodelling about but finally we’ve got two that fit the bill. So here they are ladies and gents – our brand new wines from the Domaine du Vigneron P’tiou in the north-west of […]

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Winter 2015-16 wines now available…

Our winter 2015-16 range has now been released and samples of the wines are already on show around the Alps. Drop us a line or call on 04 50 58 59 81 to receive your copy of the list or to organise a meeting/tasting. We have kept many of our favourite wines from the last […]

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Quick! Get your Valentine’s Day orders in now!

Just 6 days to go so forget the choccies, forget the flowers, forget the cards and focus on what will really make your other half happy…. Love(ly WINE). Stock up on the Rosé Champagne or juicy Italian Barbera recommended below or click here for all of the options on our wine list…. Setting the mood…. […]

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What Sam will be drinking at Xmas this year…

A very big benefit of running a wine company is that you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing stuff to drink at home. You might expect me to write this, but I do genuinely drink pretty much all of our wines at home in Cambridge. OK, I’ll admit that there are some […]

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Summer wines from Le Verre Gourmand

Wow – summer is well under way with scorching temperatures (and obligatory thunderstorms) all across the Alps. Now is the time to top up on some summery vino so here are a few wines that we heartily recommend plus some great reasons to try them… FIZZ… Bel Star Prosecco – 5.88HT Light, fruity and fizzy. At […]

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Something nice from Bordeaux

Well this was bloody nice. Picked it up as a cheapo reduced-price orange sticker job at my local Coop store in Cambridge the other week. Chateau le Boscq is part of the Dourthe stable, who tend to make v international-style Bordeaux wines – lots of fruit etc. But this was not too in yer face, […]

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A unique Aussie wine

Delish, this stuff – unoaked Marsanne from Victoria. Will last for yonks – this 2010 is just a baby. It tastes rich and honeyed, with lots of limey citrus zing. But give it another 5 yrs and this stuff is the absolute nuts. A true Aussie original – they should make more noise about it.

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