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Meet our new recruits

(9) Le Verre Gourmand

It’s exciting times for Le Verre Gourmand as we’ve had to move to a bigger premises in order to stock even more delicious wines.   We’ve moved up the road to Passy and are settling in nicely. New Address: 900 rue des Prés Moulin – 74190 Passy, Francewith loads more storage space and swanky new […]

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Shock horror. First post from my mobile

First attempt at posting from my mobile. Not very interesting news really. I reckon the rest of humanity might just about survive without knowing this. But for a social media numpty like me, it’s quite pleasing. At least I now know I can piss everyone off with posts and pics from S Africa…

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Check out our brand new logo…

It’s been a long time coming, but we are really chuffed to unveil our brand new LVG logo – sitting up there top-left of this screen. We’ve been working with designer chappie, Richard Chapman (in London), since January and are over the moon with what we’ve come up with together. So what do you think? […]

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Fab new site + Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn…

Yeehaa, we’re finally up and running in the 21st century. Our spiffy new site has gone live, along with all manner of wild ‘down-with-the-kidz’ stuff like Facebook and Twitter. But you’ll know that by now ‘cos you’re looking at it. Have a poke around the site if you’ve really got nothing better to do. With […]

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A brand new sexy website – wow…

It’s taken us a while. Nearly 8 years, to be precise. But Le Verre Gourmand finally has something resembling a professional website. Let’s pop the corks! It’s a funny game, this web malarkey, innit? Listen to some folk and they’ll tell you the interwebnetwork can do absolutely everything for you – bottom-wiping ‘n all. But […]

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