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Von Freude Just Pils 33cl (811)

Von Freude Just Pils 33cl (811)

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An unfiltered Pilsner with a great attitude.

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What we say

Everything you want from a Pilsner with a bit of craft workmanship thrown in. Depth with a fresh hoppy finish.


What they say

This Pilsner is unfiltered, so it retains the distinct refined aroma of a bottom fermenting beer. To add a special twist to this lager, we carefully dry hop Just Pils with a selection of tasty hops. The aroma of this beer is a vibrant mix of red berries, a little citrus and passion fruit. Dry hopping goves this Pilsner particular character, minerality and freshness.


How you say it 


About the producer Von Freude

In 2013, we realized: Germany needs creative beers. Since then we have been pushing the craft beer revolution in Germany. In the belief that something has been lost to industrialized fabricated beer we are brewing our specialties with individual yeasts and superior hop varieties from all over the world. In doing so we are constantly crafting inventive drafts.









0.33l Bottle