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Veyrat Keg 20L La Tikal Rousse

Another example of how Veyrat takes an established style and drags it into the 21st Century.




Haute-Savoie & Savoie







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What we say

Rousse’ beer has been crying out for a reinvention and Emmanuel Veyrat has modernised the style whilst still hanging on to its roots. It takes a unique combination of a bold approach and intelligent brewing to keep the best of the traditional whilst bringing modern craft into play. The result is deliciously fresh, full of character and dangerously drinkable.


What they say

Tikal is an organic craft beer of the Red Ale style from Brasserie Veyrat (microbrewery located in the village of Marcellaz-Albanais in Haute-Savoie, France). Red beer with a slight bitterness. Caramelized notes, powerful aromas and nose on exotic fruits.


How you say it 


About the producer Brasserie Veyrat

Le Versant was born a few years ago with the idea of creating modern wines with aromatic profiles to please a broad audience and suit every occasion. To create these profiles, the winegrowers of Les Vignobles Foncalieu pooled all their know-how and experience to set up this ambitious project. A collection of 8 fine varietal wines of outstanding quality. Made with grapes from a selection of vines on the Languedoc hillsides offering the best orientation, each varietal proudly shows off its character in a nicely-balanced and elegant style. Thanks to its broad aromatic range, this versatile range offers wines that will delight all wine-lovers and adapt to every consumption moment.


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