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Sapaudia Keg 30l Signal Blonde Ale

Sapaudia Keg 30l Signal Blonde Ale




Haute-Savoie & Savoie






Blonde / Ale

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An English Ale with a French twist. Using a cross-channel blend of traditional hops and patiently top-fermented as all good ales should be, Signal is an easy going beer with subtle floral aromas, hints of honey taste and a mildly bitter finish, all whilst retaining the solid backbone that a Pale Ale base malt provides. Whether you’re reminiscing on an Alpine epic or escaping the daily grind, Signal is a worthy tipple.


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About the producer Brasserie Sapaudia

Sapaudia is an Alpine microbrewery taking its name from the Latin for ¨le Pays des Sapins”, more widely known as the Savoie. Since its beginnings in November 2018, the brewery’s central location in the Tarentaise Valley facilitates the supply of innovative, cleanly-brewed & hop-forward craft beers to the world’s three largest ski areas and well beyond.


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