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Quenard Persan 2019

A novelty in Savoie to discover with lovely aromas of black fruits and spices.




Haute-Savoie & Savoie


AOP Vin de Savoie









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What we say

An atypical and rather rare varietal from Savoie with aromas of black fruits and spices with a tannic and powerful palate. A wine to accompany grilled and peppered meats.


What they say

The Persian owes its letters of nobility to Michel de Montaigne, a great Renaissance man of letters who tasted Persian, the wine of the Dukes of Savoy, on his return from a trip to Italy. It was at the time a great grape variety that reappeared at the beginning of the 20th century with a strong character that almost brought its downfall. This very rustic grape variety, difficult to cultivate and not very productive, discarded and forgotten, is one of the rare and local grape varieties. Our wish was to bring it up to date because it represents a very interesting tasting alternative: fruity, flattering, a little tart, the Persian is in short a complex wine to be discovered.


How you say it 


About the producer Domaine André et Michel Quenard

The Savoyard vineyard in the town of Chignin was owned until after the 1914/1918 war by nobles. This war having decimated the youth, the owners of vineyards also subjected to a tax pressure had to separate from their built and wine-growing land.


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