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Poca Taruca Merlot 2018

Poca Taruca Merlot 2018

A lovely friendly Merlot made for cold winter nights and good food




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What we say

Fruity and juicy Chilean Merlot which oozes blackberry and black cherry with a hint of spice. Easy-drinking, this fruity red wine can be drunk as an aperitif but would also pair well with tomato based dishes.


What they say

Plum, blackcurrent and cranberry aromas burst from the glass. The palate is juicy and fresh with soft red fruits and a hint of green pepper. A really easy drinking Merlot. Great food wine, serve with a juicy steak, savoury lamb ;casseroles, herby sausages or a char-grilled vegetable lasagne.


How you say it 


About the producer Boutinot Ltd

Our long standing working relationships with growers enable us to source premium fruit, with the ultimate aim of making excellent quality Chilean entry level wines with true style and character. For the Merlot, we work with two families in two different locations for a blend with huge appeal. The first is the Martin Family who are nestled into the Andes Mountains in a western corner of Curico. Their vineyards sit around 500 metres above sea level (masl), a far higher altitude than the majority of Curico’s main valley which lies around 250masl. Vines are between 40 and 60 years old and part of a 45ha estate where peaches and apples are also grown. The vines are unirrigated and the vineyard is cool with a unique rocky mountain soil and glacial streams. At this elevated height and proximity to the mountains, Merlot enjoys a long growing season with cool evening temperatures. We love the crunchy plummy fruit character which gives us the backbone to this wine. We blend this with grapes from the El Milagro Estate in the centre of the Curico valley. The warm temperature and fertile soils allows Merlot to flourish here. Grapes are harvested during the coolest part of the day to ensure they reach the winery in prime condition. Temperatures are kept fairly low throughout the winemaking process, to allow the grapes to express their natural fruit characters. No oak is used. The resulting wine is fuller with more body and softer tannins and works really well with the higher altitude component. The biggest strength of this blend is our ability to balance out warmer and cooler vintages with these two different profiles.


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