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Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin

Pinkster Gin has a sweet profile, juniper and coriander lead with an underlying jammy raspberry note finishing with subtle hints of pepper.


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What we say

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What they say

Pinkster is deliciously dry, with a hint of fruit and an exceptionally smooth finish. As you taste, there’s raspberry on the nose with the juniper coming through and then a slight spice that develops? and lingers. We make a highly agreeable G&T, especially when served with decent tonic, a raspberry and a sprig of fresh mint. We’re distilled with heaps of juniper, the essential botanical for gin, but thanks to the gentle fruit we have a particularly soft taste that’s not overpowering and doesn’t render you useless after one stiff drink.

How you say it 

About the producer Pinkster

It all came about when founder Stephen realised wine and beer no longer agreed with him. A keen maker of sloe liqueurs and other concoctions, he turned his attention to spirits and started experimenting at home, mashing assorted fruits with different spirit strengths. He wasn’t intentionally creating a pink drink, it’s just that after working his way through an entire fruit bowl, raspberry delivered the best flavour.

Critics & Awards

The Gin Guide Awards 2017 : ‘Contemporary Gin’ Winner |

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