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Offley White Port NV

Offley White Port NV

A delightful floral bouquet infused with apricot fruit. Oak influence has imparted a honeyed textured finish.




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What we say

Easy going white port with none of the over-oxidation or loose alcohol of the ports of old. Smooth and easy to enjoy.


What they say

A soft white port, with plenty of freshness. An intense floral and fruity flavor with notes of dried fruit, caramel and nuts. Offley White can be drunk as an aperitif or with tonic and a slice of lemon as a long drink.


How you say it 


About the producer Offley

Offley Port has been in produced in the North of Portugal since 1737, just next to the Douro river. Offley is an innovative brand of Port, rooted in the present but enriched by its history and the tradition that has spanned almost three centuries. It became famous thanks to Joseph J. Forrester, who was made baron by the King of Portugal for his vital role in the development of Offley and port in general.


Critics & Awards

Wine Enthusiast: 89/100 (NM/NV)

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