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Mas Mellet Pari Finesse 2018

Mas Mellet Pari Finesse 2018

Expressive, complex natural wine packed with black fruit flavour.




Rhone Valley


AOP Costières de Nîmes


Carignan, Grenache, Syrah





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What we say

Delightful aromas of Damsen and Mulberry follow with soft tannins and black fruit flavours. An unfiltered natural wine made without adding Sulfites this wine is clean, expressive and easy to drink. Ideal with Aubergine parmigiana, lightly spiced pasta dishes and lasagna


What they say

Aromas of dark and red fruits, notes of vegetation and sweet spices come together to form a well-balanced, sturdy wine.


How you say it 

Mass Mel-ay Pa-ree Fi-ness


About the producer Mas Mellet

We treat our land with love and pride which results in the production of the best fruit. Winemaking is more than just a job, it’s a lifestyle. It was in Pic Saint Loup in Morties, that Brice decided that he couldn’t bear to leave a world of such flavour, aroma, taste and friendliness. He decided that from that moment onwards that wine would be his life.


Critics & Awards

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