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Les Gites Blanc 2019

Les Gites Blanc 2019

A brilliantly versatile house white – with or without food.






IGP Pays d’Oc


Chardonnay, Vermentino







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What we say

Look for creamy, buttery notes from the Chardonnay grape, along with flavours of pears and eve grapefruit from the Vermentino. It is fresh and quaffable enough to make a great aperitif, yet it has enough body, rich-ness and poise to work well with quite a wide range of different dishes but goes very well with white sauces, fish and poultry.


What they say

A soft, quite rounded, fruity blend of the Chardonnay and Vermentino grapes, fresh enough to enjoy on its own, but creamy enough to go brilliantly with white sauces, fish and poultry.


How you say it 

Lay Jeet Blonk


About the producer Domaines Robert Vic

The estate of Preignes le Vieux is centred around a fortress that was built in 1202 by the Vicomte de Pézenas. Since 1905, the estate has been managed by the Vic family and is currently managed by Jerome Vic, the great-great-grandson of the founder. The estate extends to 230 hectares, of which 160 hectares are planted with vines on a variety of soils. It is composed of 80% of red grapes, however the percentage of white grapes is ever increasing.


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