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Lamiable Non Dosé Grand Cru

Lamiable Non Dosé Grand Cru

Classic Champagne but without the residual sugar so ultra dry, crisp and fresh.






AOP Champagne grand cru


Chardonnay, Pinot Noir







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What we say

Top quality Champagne as is to be expected from Lamiable, but this cuvée is ‘non dosé’ so without the addition of dosage (sweetened grape juice added before bottling). This gives it its steely acidity, dryness and excellent tension.


What they say

A brilliant colour with golden glints. The fine bubbles offer a beautiful effervescence. A sweet and fruity Champagne with aromas of red berries (raspberries, blackcurrants), some notes of plums and quince also become apparent whilst tasting. Overall this is a Champagne which serves perfectly as an aperitif that can also be paired with light and fine dishes. A great wine for the momentous moments in life, an excellent Champagne for a wedding – it will definitely charm all those in attendance.


How you say it 

Lam-ee-arbl Non Dose-ay Gron Croo


About the producer Champagne Lamiable

In 1972, Jean-Pierre Lamiable was in charge of the family farm and the Champagne sales in France. Today, Ophélie has taken the reigns, she takes care of the process and the vineyard whilst selling to an international market. We are proud of our heritage and we strive to continue this family tradition. In order to respect our vineyards and the environnement, we have spent many years practicing sustainable viticulture. We implement practices that are respectful of nature. Our wines are rich in aromas and they represent the terroir of the Grands Crus and of the Côte des Noirs.


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