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Jeio Prosecco

Jeio Prosecco

Crisp, fruity, ever so slightly sweet and very relaxed.






DOC Prosecco


Chardonnay, Glera, Pinot Blanc, Verdiso







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What we say

Light-straw yellow in colour, the nose is fruity and fresh with an elegant taste of pear and floral flavours. Makes for an ideal accompaniment to cocktail sandwiches and canapés and an excellent aperitif at receptions or cocktail parties.


What they say

Made from grapes harvested on the hills of Conegliano, which lends a natural minerality to the wine, and from the hills of Valdobbiadene that endow it with its characteristic crunchiness, acidity and freshness. This wine is a brilliant, straw yellow colour with lime-green highlights and constant tiny bubbles. Nuances of fresh fruit and white flowers, with the acidity closely linked to the well-defined flavour and creating an extremely enjoyable balance.


How you say it 

Jay-o Pro-sek-o


About the producer Bisol

From the beautiful Valdobbiadene region, the Bisol family are masters of Prosecco and have been making wine for centuries. All the grapes come from their own land, which is something extremely rare in the region.


Critics & Awards

The TEXSOM International Wine Awards, 2020: Silver Medal | International Wine Challenge, 2019: Commended | International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2019: Gold | International Wine Challenge, 2018: Bronze | International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2018: Silver |

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