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Gin Super Broussard 50cl

Gin Super Broussard 50cl









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Coriander, orange zest and citron, thym and rosemary: you can’t got wrong, Super Broussard gin is sunshine in a glass. Lavender and rose petals combine to create a powerful yet smooth gin. Juniper berries find themselves at the centre of this whirlwind of flavours.


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About the producer Distillerie Lagrange

To pay tribute to their heritage, three friends decided to set up a distillery in the heart of the Alsace, next to Colmar. A farmhouse in Sainte-Croix-en-Plaine has ended up being at the core of their adventure, as its been chosen to houses their elaborate still. With this in mind and obviously the strong relationship that these 3 friends have with their roots, the distillery has been named ‘La Grange’.


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