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Domaine Novis La Capricieuse St Joseph 2017

Domaine Novis La Capricieuse St Joseph 2017

A satisfyingly smooth Syrah best enjoyed in front of a roaring fire.




Rhone Valley


AOP Saint-Joseph







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What we say

A northern Rhône red with plenty of depth. Packed with ripe blackberry character and the typical peppery and garrigue aromas of the Syrah grape. Full but rounded tannins and a long mellow finish make this a pleasure to drink with wild boar, game or spicy lamb dishes.


What they say

The wine is of an intense, deep, purplish red. The nose is offers nuts, cherries. They are prolonged by peppered, spicy notes, with a hint of violet. The palate is intense and persistent.


How you say it 

Nov-is La Cap-riss-yerz Sant Jo-seph


About the producer Domaine Novis

This vineyard is located on the slopes of the village Saint Pierre de Bœuf, which provides an ideal geographical location for our white and red grape varieties. The terroir is truly exceptional and the vines have to break through the granite pebbles that make up the soil. Their attempts and efforts to survive in these harsh conditions give the wine an aromatic richness, full of tannins, and a palette of subtle perfumes. For the reds, they will contain hints of blackcurrant, kirsch, raspberry and sometimes shades of leather and liquorice. The whites have aromatic notes of fruit (yellow peach, apricot) and white flowers (acacia, hawthorn).


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