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Domaine la Berthete Cotes du Rhone 2019

Domaine la Berthete Cotes du Rhone 2019

Medium bodied Côtes-du-Rhône that delivers exactly what you’d expect: lots of spicy, peppery fruit – perfect for winter drinking.




Rhone Valley


AOP Côtes du Rhône


Carignan, Grenache, Syrah







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What we say

This juicy Côtes-du-Rhône shows all the classic Rhône notes of dark berry fruits and spice, particularly pepper and rosemary. Pair with braised ham, lamb saddle, mutton curries, red meats, grilled veal chops, fowls, pasta or stuffed cabbage.


What they say

With a brilliant and intense colour, this midweight Côtes-du-Rhone doesn’t disappoint. A nose of typical Rhône dark fruits (blackcurrant and blackberry) is accompanied by strong hints of spice, pepper and herbs.


How you say it 

Doh-mayne Ber-tet Coat doo Rone


About the producer Domaine de la Berthète

The domaine has been owned since 1993 by Pascal Maillet and his family. Soon after graduation, Pascal, who majored in computer science, decided to settle in at the domaine and produce his own wine. He has since planted new vines and invested in brand new equipment for the cellar in order to improve the vinification process.


Critics & Awards

Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2010: 1 Star | Concours des Grands Vins de France Macon, 2007: Argent

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