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Domaine Cauhape Noblesse du Temps 37.5cl 2012

Domaine Cauhape Noblesse du Temps 37.5cl 2012

A tasty, fresh sweetie with flavours of honey, apricot and orange peel.




South West


AOP Jurançon


Petit Manseng





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What we say

A really fresh, floral backbone makes this a great alternative to Sauternes and an interesting addition to any sweet wine list.


What they say

A mixture of savory and sweet; notes of candied apricot, cooked apples and white truffles. The structure and liveliness then take over to form a wine with very pleasant flavours of fruit pulp and orange peel.


How you say it 

Cow-ha-pey Nobless doo tomps


About the producer Domaine Cauhaupe

Nestled in the heart of Jurançon, in southwest France between the Pyrenees and the Atlantic, Domaine Cauhaupe covers 43 hectares. The climate is characteristic of the region and this combined with the quality of the soil (a precious mixture of clay, silica and pebbles) helps to express the quintessential grapes of Jurançon: Gros and Petit Manseng.


Critics & Awards

Mundus Vini: Silver (Millesime/ Vintage 2010) | Guide Hachette des Vins: 2 stars (Millesime/Vintage 2007) | Wine Spectator: 93/100 (Millesime/ Vintage 2001) | Le Guide Hachette des Vins, 2016: Cité

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