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De Laumont Chardonnay 2018

De Laumont Chardonnay 2018

An easy drinking Chardonnay packed full of citrus fruit and a splash of well-integrated oak.






IGP Pays d’Oc







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What we say

A delicately oaked Chardonnay with toasted brioche and ripe grapefruit characters. The palate is light, fresh and fruity with a touch of creaminess on the finish. It pairs well with chicken, scallops and creamy sauces.


What they say

Colour: Deep and bright gold. Nose: Lovely aromas of ripe pear and quince, followed by elegant vanilla hints. Taste: A rich and full flavoured palate of pear and cream, well balanced with subtle yeast and toasted oak characters. Enjoy this wine slightly chilled, with white meat and mushroom sauce, Carbonara Pasta, clam chowder…


How you say it 

Duh Low-mont Shard-on-ay


About the producer LGI Wines

Selected from our best Chardonnay vines, right in the sunny South of France, De Laumont is a classy and elegant brand inspired by the royal history. These characteristics, displayed by its traditional packaging, are present in the wine through its fine and complex aromas and its rich and unctuous texture. It will allow you to believe that you’re sipping a drop of Southern French sun… As for the crest, it is an ancient symbol, found on the armours of the “Chevaliers” of the royal guard.


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