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Château Musar 2012

Château Mont Redon 2017

An elegant and refined wine from from this famous French appellation known for its rich and big wines. A great partner for lamb or cheese.




Rhone Valley


AOP Châteauneuf-du-Pape


Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah









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What we say

This wine is just hitting its prime for drinking making it a worthy addition to any cellar. All of that sun-soaked fruit and deep-rooted intensity has matured into a rich symphony of flavour. Give it half an hour in your decanter and prepare to be totally blown away. An elegant and refined wine from this famous French appellation known for its rich and big wines. A real showstopper and a great partner for lamb or cheese.


What they say

The 2017 vintage is unlike any of the previous years in 7 and will forever go down in history as a unique vintage for the greatness of its quality and the weakness of its volume! Indeed, 2017 is the smallest harvest by volume in the history of Mont-Redon! This radiant wine which begins to reveal all its complexity and its depth presents a fair balance which makes it very pleasant right now.


How you say it 

Shat-oh Mont Red-on


About the producer Château Mont Redon

Powered with the same passion for delicate and deep wines, our family looks forward to producing red and white Rhone valley appellations focusing on elegance, finesse and balance which do express all together specificities of our soils and climate through our know-how.


Critics & Awards

Wine Spectator 2017: 91/100 (Millesime/ Vintage 2014) | Wine Spectator: 90/100 (Millesime/ Vintage 2011) | Challenge International du Vin: Gold (Millesime/ Vintage 2006) | Indy International Wine Competition: Gold (Millesime/ Vintage 1998) | Wine Spectator: 90/100 (Millesime/ Vintage 2011). Châteauneuf du pape rouge 2015 a été sélectionné pour être présent dans les loges VIP de la FIFA lors de la coupe du monde en Russie

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