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Bel Air Bordeaux Rouge 2018

Bel Air Bordeaux Rouge 2018

A lovely, juicy red Bordeaux from one of the most renowned wine families of the region.






AOP Bordeaux


Cabernet, Merlot





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What we say

Easy-drinking and approachable red Bordeaux with lots of ripe red fruit and blackcurrant notes. The wine is unoaked so the emphasis here is on fresh, juicy fruit with a succulent texture.


What they say

A good, modern Bordeaux red made only from selected grapes sourced from partner growers. Bel Air Red is rich, round and very approachable. Bottled early – only 6 months after the harvest – and aged in vat rather than barrel, the wine has lots of fruit on the nose and soft, supple and balanced on the palate. Enjoyment and satisfaction guaranteed. Wine with a beautiful garnet color, deep and brilliant. The nose is expressive with aromas of ripe black berries and violet. The palate is generous and velvety, accompanied by silky tannins which give it a beautiful persistence. This wine will now satisfy lovers of round and expressive wines but we can wait 2 to 3 years which will give the wine time to evolve with finesse and nobility.


How you say it 


About the producer Bel Air

“In 1967 Maison Sichel was the first merchant (and still remains one of the few) to create its own winery [wine cellar]. The construction of the Bel-Air cellar brings total control of the operations of vinification and aging. The Maison Sichel technical team oversees the management of 300 hectares of vines from vineyards of around fifty partner winegrowers to harvest large grapes quality: winemaking techniques are then determined to obtain products in perfect adequacy with market needs ”. (cf. Ch. Cocks and Ed. Féret, Bordeaux et ses Vins, 18th edition, 2007, p. 2080).Ever since it was set up as a buying office in Bordeaux in 1883, Maison Sichel has remained, first and foremost, a family business . Since that time, seven generations of the Sichel family have succeeded one another at the company’s helm. Over the years, it has flourished to a trully international dimension. A simple acquisitions office at first, then a fully-fledged wine trading company which gradually became involved in production, Maison Sichel has seized every opportunity to expand its field of competency and action. The company has undergone dramatic transformation over the past 50 years, with the purchase of a winemaking facility, construction of a bottling plant, acquisition of two estates as well as a négociant vinificateur, and construction of a safe for Grands Crus.


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