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Beblenheim Riesling V. V. Heimberger 2016

Beblenheim Riesling V. V. Heimberger 2016

Old vine Riesling means one thing: complexity and depth to this Alsace classic.






AOP Alsace







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What we say

Pale golden in colour, this has lifting aromas of apple, white stone fruit and lemon peel. This follows through on the palate with a hint of minerality and beeswax too. Off-dry style but the acidity cuts through leaving a fresh finish. Pair with Asian cuisine, light desserts, cheese, or enjoy as an aperitif.


What they say

A pleasant pale yellow colour; the nose contains fruity notes and a sense of minerology. The palate is very fresh, and overall leads the wine to being fruity and complex, with a good structure.


How you say it 

Beb-len-hime Vee-yay Veen Hime-berg-er


About the producer Cave de Beblenheim

Cave de Beblenheim was created in 1952 by several winegrowers who decided to combine their expertise in order to work more efficiently. Two years later, they obtained their first gold medal. Today, after five decades of constant progress, it reached the sixth place amongst the wine-producers in Alsace, and brings together 150 winegrowers, cultivating vines in Beblenheim and its neighbouring villages.


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